The Journey Starts With Our Experience

'Our Experience'
From setting up Seattle based tech start ups in the UK to ecommerce, cake designers or even record labels. We know what it takes to get your start up off the ground and make it a success

Digital Marketing / Start Up PR
Start Up Operations

Start Up Assistants / Project Management

'Our Offering'
CoStartup & Go are your own lean team, giving you the flexibility to move easily between team members & type of services to
work in line with
your start up growth

Accounts & Finances / Funding Prep

Websites / SEO
Creative Design

How We Do It....

'We Start With'
Clarity & guidance if needed, then our handpicked start up experienced team deliver what you need in their own unique way. Seamessly working together.


....And Why We Do It

To ensure that you get exactly what you need, when you need it in a lean, affordable way getting your start up off to the very best start