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Who Are CoStartup & Go?


A 'One Stop Shop' For All Your Start Up Support.

From Business set up, to Marketing, Creative Design through to Project Management

We Are Paving The Way For A New Way Of Working


‘’Having spent the last 15 years working in start ups and operations, I realised that not every start up or entrepreneur can afford the big budget for a full time team in the early stages.

Many also have a great concept but have no real idea how to deliver it. And more to the point need lots of different areas worked on of the business in the early stages.

Having worked with over 40 startups in my career, I use this experience to help map out what needs to happen to make the startup a success…… and…..wait for the difference here….... we then deliver it!

By tapping you in to the CoStartup & Go freelance network to then run with what you need, we bring you the experience to take your business to the next level.

Our mission is to help start ups off the ground and offer the very best support to make that happen.

     Want a brand behind you that knows what they are doing?

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Why Us?

We combine Start-Up Experience with A wide range of services That We Know Will Get Your Business Off The ground.

Here Are Just Some Of The All-Stars On Board: