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Business Culture: 3 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Team

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Why is Google still one of the leading tech businesses in the world?

It’s not just due to their pioneering technology, but their business culture which creates environments conducive to creating innovating and pioneering technology.

Typical criteria of success among businesses tend to centre on skill sets, digital presence, marketing strategy, and streamlined financials. But what’s not taken into account as criteria for success, is team happiness.

And getting the best out of your team is directly related to how trusted, valued and empowered they feel.  

So what 3 ways can this be done?

The Hierarchy of Team Productivity

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How do you increase team trust, value & empowerment?

1.    Promote flexible work environments such as  ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment, where as long as the results are reached, team members can work anywhere at any hours.

This independence and level of trust instils a sense of empowerment in that reassures not only ability but builds passion and willingness.

2.    Make sure you have a top-level resource devoted to business growth and development. Specialist business directional and development coaches are invaluable in gaging where a business is, the direction it needs to go, and how to get there in the most streamlined, leanest way possible.

If business development is managed with organisation, structured goals and specialist knowledge, this will filter through to the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

3.    As well as top-level business management, team management is crucial to avoiding overload, burnout and in time, staff turnover. A national survey from the Employment Engagement Series found that 46% of HR leaders say employee burnout accounts for 20-50% of annual workforce turnover. 

Knowing when to outsource extra resources is crucial to making your team feel valued and empowered instead of overworked and forgotten. Gaging when the resource-to-workload ratio is tipping and outsourcing before it negatively impacts the team's interest, motivation, and work delivery, will reap benefits that will generate sustained business growth. 

The importance of workforce retention and turnover reduction is clear and reinforced by a study from Future Workforce and Kronos that found that 87% of employers ranked improving retention as a critical priority matter.Howto retain workforces, while maximising team productivity and boosting business growth, is high on many agendas and the ways outlined above are examples of proven, practical and effective ways to do so.

For more information on team productivity and how it can impact business growth, visit Three major misconceptions preventing business growth


Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Good Investment for Your Tech Start-Up or Small Business

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As a business owner, it takes time to build a brand, develop systems and processes, and deliver excellent results for your clients and customers. For entrepreneurs, having a business idea is only the first step. The real work is in the execution, and that is where so many businesses fail. Investing in your business with the right operational support from the beginning can make or break your entrepreneurial efforts.

What is a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can be an essential step to entrepreneurial and start-up success. When you are starting out, having a capable, flexible and lean support system allows for huge productivity and forward movement in your business.

PA&GO takes that support system one step further by providing a consultative approach that moves beyond administrative tasks or project work. PA&GO becomes a one-stop shop for a quality team of operational and business support – all at affordable rates. We care about your business success for the long-term. 

There are so many areas of setting up and maintaining a business that is near impossible for one person to do everything by him or herself. That is where your virtual support comes in.

How a Virtual Support Service Can Improve Your Business

Being able to delegate and outsource your work will dramatically reduce the time spent on certain tasks for you as a business owner and increase the time you can commit to growing your business on a large scale.

Offerings like Freelancer or UpWork or hiring a virtual assistant from a traditional recruitment agent only cover part of the equation. They may be able to complete administrative tasks or projects – but when you need a comprehensive ongoing system that works for you in real-time and people who not only fulfil requests, but offer up solutions to work smarter, that’s when a company like PA&GO comes in.

Whether it’s task-based project work, part-time ongoing work, or more custom and specialised support, your virtual assistant or virtual support system should be able to adapt with you when you and your business needs it. 

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business 

When implementing an operational support system, you are able to focus on the tasks that matter the most, streamlining your work to help you get off the ground or expand your business to the next level. Hiring a virtual assistant will:

  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Provide Lean Office Structure
  • Reduce Employee Training
  • Give Access to a Wider Resource Pool and Network
  • Provide Flexible Operations for Founders
  • Allow You to Gain Your Time Back
  • Capitalise on Business Growth

All in all, investing in a Virtual Assistant is a critical method to move your business forward in a strategic way. Delegating your business support work to a virtual company allows you to commit to your business growth.

If you are looking to invest in a virtual support service, contact  us at now and we can set you up with a Free Consultation today.

4 Ways to Inspire Creativity within Your Virtual and Remote Teams

How do you inspire creativity in a virtual team or remote workers? As an entrepreneur you can still inspire creativity in all your team members and foster community and strategic thinking for your business.