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Best Global Cities for Tech Start-Ups

global cities for tech startups

Where once start-ups were the purview of Silicon Valley, the tech start-up landscape has now gone global. As our scope of technology and communication expands, our physical limitations contract, and hungry entrepreneurs are finding more stomping grounds to build ideas and opportunities.

Where does the opportunity live on a global playing field?

San Francisco & San Jose

These two cities have long been the dominant players in the tech start-up world. Home to giants like Google, Apple and Facebook in Silicon Valley, there are several other US cities, like Austin, Boston and Philadelphia that continue to make their mark are a hotbed for young talent and innovative ideas.

London, Paris & Berlin

Tech innovation is now pumping through the European economic ecosystem as its lifeblood. While these cities have always sat at the table of global thinking, there is a renewed push for innovation in the online sector. Some of the more formal barriers to new business are dropping, allowing a more connected and less traditional approach to entrepreneurship to filter through these global cities.

Beijing, Singapore & Moscow

There are a rising number of entrepreneurs and funding finding their way in the East. With a high quality of engineers and manufacturers, these cities are eager to build partnerships with start-ups that may have previously only thought of outsourcing manufacturing there.

Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal

With a growing number of venture capitalists, tax credits, and funding, these Canadian cities offer an impressive incentive for entrepreneurs to build their tech start-up. With ample room for networking and growth on a local and global scale, these cities are quite attractive.

Tel Aviv & Cairo

These young, hot cities are producing educated and willing millennials ready to test out their mettle and ideas on a global stage. Perfectly placed between emerging and established markets, tech start-ups based here can rely on an open, creative, and collaborative start-up scene.

Mumbai & Bangalore

The start-up scene here is focused on engineering and tech development and is hungry for good business and design counterparts. With a long history of tech innovation, these Indian cities are forward facing with a global outlook.

Sao Paulo & Santiago

While there are still some barriers to entry due to big business, both cities are excellent breeding grounds for new entrepreneurs and are eager for young talent to test their ideas and launch on an international scale. With stable economies, the governments are also working to attract international and talented entrepreneurs to boost their industries.