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Launching A Start Up Is Time Consuming & Exhausting....

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....especially when an entrepreneur is trying to do everything on a tight budget.

It’s critical not to become overwhelmed by an influx of tasks which could be delegated. Knowing when, how and to whom to delegate responsibilities and tasks is critical to your start up’s success.

Outsourcing enables a start up to focus its limited resources on the development of new business opportunities without the expense of a full-time employee.

Your focus should be on seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies for execution.

At CoStartup & Go we take these tasks off your hands so that you can focus on growing your start up and driving it forward. 

We cover everything from operations, project management to digital marketing, creative design, website development, accounts, HR, recruitment and start up experienced executive assistance.

All managed by our team of experts in each area.

So everything that you need to get your business up and running smoothly.

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The Best Cities For Tech Start Ups

Where once start-ups were the purview of Silicon Valley, the tech start up landscape has now gone global. As our scope of technology and communication expands, our physical limitations contract, and hungry entrepreneurs are finding more stomping grounds to build ideas and opportunities.

Where does the opportunity live on a global playing field?

San Francisco & San Jose

These two cities have long been the dominant players in the tech start up world. Home to giants like Google, Apple and Facebook in Silicon Valley, there are several other US cities, like Austin, Boston and Philadelphia that continue to make their mark are a hotbed for young talent and innovative ideas.

London, Paris & Berlin

Tech innovation is now pumping through the European economic ecosystem as its lifeblood. While these cities have always sat at the table of global thinking, there is a renewed push for innovation in the online sector. Some of the more formal barriers to new business are dropping, allowing a more connected and less traditional approach to entrepreneurship to filter through these global cities.

Beijing, Singapore & Moscow

There are a rising number of entrepreneurs and funding finding their way in the East. With a high quality of engineers and manufacturers, these cities are eager to build partnerships with start-ups that may have previously only thought of outsourcing manufacturing there.

Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal

With a growing number of venture capitalists, tax credits, and funding, these Canadian cities offer an impressive incentive for entrepreneurs to build their tech start-up. With ample room for networking and growth on a local and global scale, these cities are quite attractive.

Tel Aviv & Cairo

These young, hot cities are producing educated and willing millennials ready to test out their mettle and ideas on a global stage. Perfectly placed between emerging and established markets, tech start-ups based here can rely on an open, creative, and collaborative start-up scene.

Mumbai & Bangalore

The start-up scene here is focused on engineering and tech development and is hungry for good business and design counterparts. With a long history of tech innovation, these Indian cities are forward facing with a global outlook.

Sao Paulo & Santiago

While there are still some barriers to entry due to big business, both cities are excellent breeding grounds for new entrepreneurs and are eager for young talent to test their ideas and launch on an international scale. With stable economies, the governments are also working to attract international and talented entrepreneurs to boost their industries.

How to Stop and Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneur Support

The biggest secret to an entrepreneur’s success? They don’t try and do everything by themselves. It’s a phrase we've probably all heard before, but often we forget to put it into action.

As you’ve started your business, have you ever felt or done any of the following?

·      Feeling like you are running on empty

·      Feeling overwhelmed

·      Taking your work home with you

·      Decreased Productivity

If so, you may be experiencing entrepreneurial burnout, and if you want to ensure any type of success for you and your business, you should make some changes. Get out of a mental rut by changing your scenery and your normal routine. Change your work environment for a day if you can to clear your head. But most likely, you may need some wider changes like re-structuring your business strategy or expanding your team with virtual support to combat this common pitfall.

Here are CoStartup & Go’s top tips to stop and prevent entrepreneurial burnout:


This is and will always be the first step. Taking care of your emotional, physical and mental well-being. The easiest and fastest way to bring yourself back to balance is to get a good night’s sleep and to increase your water intake. Balancing your body can go a long way in helping you become more productive as an entrepreneur.

Get organised. Get clarity.

Making time to organise yourself and your business will allow for some much-needed strategic vision for the entrepreneurial journey. What people often don’t realise is that as an entrepreneur or startup, there is so much changeable action that occurs and that your business needs to be ready for. Funding doesn’t come through? Pivot your product or service line. Funding does come through? Ramp up your marketing efforts. Being able to execute your plan while staying flexible is a true key to sustained success.

Schedule Breaks.

For entrepreneurs, we know that the clock never truly stops, and that if you want doors to open, YOU are the only one who can make it happen. But creativity and ideas emerge when your mind is still, when you allow yourself to focus on other things, and when you take some time off. Make it a part of your day to take short breaks to allow your brain to expand and your imagination to wander. And make sure you make a conscious effort to shut the laptop down a few nights and weekends.


If you are wondering how you are ever going to get all your work done now that you are sleeping so much and taking breaks – the answer is easy: Focus your work efforts on the most important tasks that add value to your business. Avoid time suckers and tasks that take up much of your time and energy but in the end, can be done by others. Investing in a virtual assistant is so important as it allows you to excel in the areas that you are best at, and you can outsource and collaborate with others on areas you don’t have time for. But don’t limit your scope here – startups and entrepreneurs can use virtual support for social media, web development, bookkeeping, email management, marketing administration, events management and much more.

Gather a Support System.

Going it alone with an idea and a laptop is admirable, but can quickly get lonely and discouraging if you don’t have a smart network around you. Slowly build a support system around you with people whom you can bounce ideas off, keep you motivated, and at times can keep you accountable. Using a flexible co-working space is perfect for fuelling natural relationships. Check out the options at The Office Group for flexible co-working memberships.

Ultimately, success as an entrepreneur isn’t about the number of hours you put in, but about what you do with those hours. Are you using your time wisely? Why not book a free consultation with CoStartup & Go to see how we can help increase your productivity?

Ultimate Social Media Hashtag List for Tech Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

social media hashtags for entrepreneurs

For an online marketer or social media executive to maintain a healthy social media presence, a strong hashtag list is indispensable. Your posts with hashtags are 2x more likely to receive engagement than without. And if you want to help grow your start-up or small business, having a handy list of hashtags is essential for staying on top of your basic social media interactions.

Here's some social media 101: hashtags help you classify your content by theme or idea. More importantly for those starting out and as you build a brand, they enable you to expand your reach to audiences that are not already following you in your network. So while you lift your voice and your content, you are also helping to grow your social media following with people who are interested and who are already following the topics that you are posting about. Here's some more detailed information on how to use hashtags to your business advantage.

If you have a social media executive to help build your presence online or if you are an entrepreneur doing your social media marketing yourself, make sure to bookmark this list  of 75 hashtags for entrepreneurs and start-ups for reference. And if you don’t have a social or online marketer on your team, then engage a Virtual Assistant to help you with your social media marketing, an often time consuming task that requires consistency in relationship building. PA&GO offers these services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses.

75 Hashtags for Entrepreneurs