Three Types of Events Every Start-Up Should Organise to Grow Their Brand

Events for Start-Ups

When thinking about growing your brand, most entrepreneurs solely focus on several aspects of digital and online marketing. Social media, SEO, website presence, PR, PPC advertising, and online relationships are of course important. However, events are one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty and engagement. Taking your marketing strategy offline and building face-to-face interaction with your clients, customers and partners can provide tangible value to your business.

So what type of events should you organise? Here are three simple events that will connect you to your audience and will over time help build a healthy return on investment.

The Launch Event to Showcase a New Service or Product

If you are at the beginning stage of your business or if you have a new product or service to promote, this is the event for you. You can use this type of event as a showcase for customers to peruse your offerings at their leisure or you can present some type of workshop to deliver high-value information to your customers as a taster. Moreover, the launch event helps to establish you and your company as an authority in your niche. It’s best to piggy-back off of existing larger networks here, so call up your favourite co-working space or community centre as a venue to host. (Check out Launch 22 for some great start-up events!)

The Networking Event to Establish Interest

The networking event is a crucial event for any company. When you bring like-minded people together, you are able to generate new ideas, learn about what your ideal customers’ problems are, and simply just give people an opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas. Your business now becomes a facilitator of innovation and a hub for opportunities. Who doesn’t want to invest in a company like that?

The VIP Event to Boost Customer Engagement

Everyone likes being rewarded and offered perks. Use this type of event to express gratitude to your best clients, customers and partners. Word of Mouth is still one of the most trusted methods of effective marketing communication. Or you can offer this type of event as a bonus, as a premium that people buy into, or as an unexpected perk of purchasing your product or service. In addition, you can get first hand feedback and input on how and why your offering works from people who are already buying from you. Win-Win.

What type of events do you use for your start-up? Do you need help organising events for your business? Email us at or head to our 'what' page to discuss how we can help in a free consultation.

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