The Operations Superstar & How This Can Save Your Start Up


The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Move Your Start Up Forwards Is To Get The Right Help At The Start.

So this person needs to be an all singing all dancing superstar who has the flexibility and the skills you need, in the one role.

The opportunity to keep the original core team as lean as possible is appealing to new business owners, and why not?

If you get the right person with the right skills this can move your business to exactly where it needs to be without employing multiple people (and reducing the amount of time delegating to multiple parties)

This of course, is where the idea for CoStartup & Go originally stemmed from. Offering all of these services in one hit, and also access to individual experts in each area a start up needs help in – now that is Start-Up lean for you!

So What Skills Does This Type Of Operations Superstar Need & What Will They Do?

Understanding  of the overall business plan/direction and how to take it there – knowing how to assess what needs to be done operationally, mapping it out and implementing it.

Previous experience in start ups and project management is a must to be able to run with the demands and changes that a start up brings. They will be given a lot of responsibility to just ‘get things done’ so they will need to have skills in all areas of business.

Projects can range from implementing systems and processes in Office Management, Health and Safety, IT, Finances and HR from recruiting to on boarding and keeping the team happy!

Don’t forget that they will also be the one helping the senior management team keep their investors/board happy. One of the main priorities in any start-up will be ensuring business growth is meeting their expectations, so while the directors need to focus on the business, they will need to make sure they have what they need when they need it and know what is going on at all times.

With a focus on keeping them client / business facing they will need to understand what they have to do and when it needs to get done by and enable the leadership team to look good at all times! This means they may need an understanding of all areas of the business, from operations to marketing to finance, etc.

Essentially they are the ‘go to person’ the absolute lynchpin in moving the company to where it needs to be. The ‘doer’.

At this level they should have a trusty black book of contacts who can assist in all areas of operations. From IT companies to HR consultants to a good handyman; all of whom they have worked with before and can get in at a moments notice and more importantly with a good deal!

What Core Character Traits Does This Person Have?

Entrepreneurialism - A willingness to take smart and timely risks into the unknown and jump in head first

Creativity - Coming up with new ideas without the fear of being wrong 

Agility – Thinking on their feet and quick reflexes to handle problems when they arise

Forward Thinking - Keeping on the pulse of what's happening in the business and in the industry they are working in to anticipate problems and spark up solutions

Strong prioritisation skills - Knowing how to manage people, tasks and project efficiently and calmly under pressure

Comfortable with change – Happy to work towards an ever changing common goal!

Confident in their own ability - Being able to speak up, and knowing when to say YES and NO. 

Where Can I Get One Of These Guys? 

With more and more start ups launching all the time, there is a growing demand for finding the very best core team to get everything up and running.

However the pot luck of finding the person with all of the above skills is very slim. The experience and character traits of this are difficult to come by and in fact are less than 10% of the operational support available in the marketplace.

This is where CoStartup & Go come in...

We have a strong team of operations level start up assistants who can hit the ground running and help move your start up forwards in leaps and bounds. We know what you need and how to deliver it. Seamlessly


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